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Welcome to Morris Pool Services

  For all Your Pool Service needs, Repairs & Installation
Open your pool right with a good commercial vacuum cleaning. We will vacuum the pool out with our portable pool vacuum's and put in the chemicals to get it crystal clear.
Jacuzzi and Hot Tub Repair Service also available

 Call Brad Morris  at  816-807-1570.  Pool service call , Clear and Clean for swimming in?-2 days. Swimming   Pool opening Order, click on here, (Order Service)  Please have your pool filled when we get there or you will in cure another charge Thank you
 We'll contact you within 24 hours to confirm your opening date. Call me about a new Winter Cover .Is there anything else you need?

 Optional Services Available:
Seasons supply of Pool Care Chemicals - Special discount applies
 Pool Deck Power Washing - $95.00
 Pool vacuuming - $50.00 per ½  hour
 Pool Profile/ Diagnostics $ 250.00

  I understand that if I wish to change my Pool Opening appointment, I must give at least? hours notice.  

 Our responsibilities to open your pool:
Remove winter cover
Set-up filter system
Re-install ladder(s), handrail(s), diving board; as equipped
Summerize plumbing lines & remove winter plugs. 
Add Opening chemicals; shock, spring algaecide & sanitizer as needed (included in price)
Drain & fold water tubes & air pillows as needed
 Analysis will be available at our stores for your convenience.

Not included in Pool Opening
Servicing of the heater, lighting pilot, gas lines, etc.
Filling/topping off of pool water level
Vacuuming/cleaning of pool
Draining the winter cover
Repairs to pool or equipment
     NOT responsible for damage caused by severe winter weather and/or conditions beyond our control & prevention.

Your responsibilities before we arrive to Open your pool:
 Have immediate access to the winter cover, water tubes, pillows, plugs, etc. (for storage purposes). We will notify you of parts that may/will need to be replaced do to wear & tear or winter damage. This additional work will be billed separately.
 Water spigot open (availability of water). Be sure that water level in pool is up to normal operating level (half-way up skimmer opening). If not, a second charge to start the filter system will be billed.
Circuit breaker(s)    NOTICE: In case of backups due to inclement weather or other working conditions beyond our control, Morris Pool & Spa will notify you about 24 in advance of your scheduled Pool Opening Date.

Pricing: Aboveground Pools up to 10,000 gallons $300.00 
           Aboveground Pools up to 20,000 gallons    $350.00

In ground Pools up to 16x32 $339.00 + 14.34 tax = $353.34
In ground Pools 16x36 to 18x36 $359.00 + 15.54 tax = $374.54
In ground Pools 20x40 & Over $369.00 + 16.14 tax = $385.14

Terms: 50% deposit with order, Balance due on completion (time of Opening). 816-807-1570


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